What Is Air Duct Cleaning, and Is it Important?

You rely on your heating and cooling system to keep you comfortable year-round. While you may stay on top of maintaining your systems, how often do you give any thought to the air ducts in your walls? Your air ducts are a crucial element of your heating and cooling systems, transporting treated air throughout your home. If they become too dirty, however, they may contribute to poor indoor air quality or impact the performance of your systems. Air duct cleaning is an affordable way to ensure your ductwork is in good, clean condition.

How Is Air Duct Cleaning Done?

Air duct cleaning in Chandler is a process in which brushes, vacuums, and solutions are used to clean the interior of your ductwork, including your return and supply air ducts, heat exchangers, and evaporator coils. After agitating the debris accumulated along the inside of the ducts, HEPA vacuums are used to collect the dust and contaminants. The air ducts are then cleaned and sanitized. At Western States Home Services, we also clean your vent covers and accessible air handling components.

When Is Air Duct Cleaning Recommended?

There is no evidence that duct cleaning can prevent health problems linked to indoor air pollution or that indoor particle levels increase due to dirty ductwork. Still, the debris inside your ducts is one potential source of particles in your home. There are several situations in which duct cleaning is recommended:

  • There is evidence of mold in your ducts or components of your heating and cooling systems.
  • Your ducts have been infested with pests such as insects or mice.
  • Your supply registers are releasing dust because the ducts have excessive debris accumulation.
  • Someone in your household has asthma, allergies, lung disease, or a compromised immune system.

At Western States Home Services, we only recommend duct cleaning on an as-needed basis. Most homeowners don’t require duct cleaning more often than every seven years or so, although a household with people with chronic health conditions like allergies and asthma may benefit from more frequent cleaning.

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