When many think about saving energy, they simply think about how it will affect the environment.

Indoor Air QualityWhat they may not realize is that when they use less energy, they will subsequently save money on their monthly energy expenses. Who doesn’t love to save money? Unfortunately, not all homes are as energy efficient as you might expect. Fortunately, our knowledgeable staff can come to your home to perform a home energy audit.

What exactly does that involve? Upon arriving at your home, our technicians will inspect your home from the inside out, looking for any evident air leaks from windows, loose weather stripping, improperly applied/loose insulation, and ductwork connections. If your home has a furnace or water heater, these systems will also be evaluated as they tend to lose efficiency over the years.

The final step in the audit is to perform a blower door test in which all windows and doors are closed and a fan is applied to the front door to push all of the indoor air to the outside. This will allow outside air to rush in through leaks in the home, which the technician can easily identify by walking through the home with an infrared camera.

When the audit is complete, our friendly technician will go over the findings with you and make recommendations for areas that need improvement. Call us today to learn more about our home energy audit process and to schedule an appointment with one of our home energy experts!