Emergency Air Conditioning Service In Mesa AZ AC Company In Gilbert

The late summer temperatures in Phoenix and the surrounding area are feeling more like fall weather than summer. There is a decided cooler range of temperatures which the residents of the area have noted. When the weather turns from hot and dry to a cooler and moist range of climate, it is time for residents of the area to think about emergency air conditioning service in Mesa AZ AC company in Gilbert area. Rather than to experience a failure of your AC system or your heating system, it is best to prepare for cooler temperatures ahead of time.

A reliable AC company can handle emergency situations, but they would better serve the customers when they do the necessary maintenance and service as a routine service call, rather than an emergency breakdown when the day’s temperatures have reached uncomfortably warm levels.

A routine maintenance visit checks all the components of the air conditioning system which are subject to wear and tear, corrosion, dirt and other problems which can affect the performance of the system. When there are moving parts, there is certain to be a certain amount of wear on the surfaces which touch or have close tolerances. The technicians check for any areas which may be subject to wear. Parts can be adjusted or replaced as required.

A very fine layer of dirt or dust on the coil or on other components of the system can reduce the efficiency of the unit by a significant amount. The dust layer makes the unit work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. The result is higher energy usage, higher cost for service and a shortened lifespan for the cooling unit.

Electrical connections are another area which can affect the performance of the entire system. Corrosion on the connections means that the energy flow is in fits and starts. The result can be dangerous if there is an electrical fire. The electrical wiring and connections are checked by the technicians for any faults.

The technician will also check the level of refrigerant in the system. In a closed system, there should be no need to add refrigerant. If the level drops in the period between maintenance calls, it could indicate that there is a leak in the system. Even a small leak makes the air conditioning unit work harder to get the job done. The result can be an emergency call by the technician to restore the system to full operation.

Although a routine maintenance call is the preferred way to address air conditioner operation, when an emergency failure occurs, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced technician to check out the problems and fix them quickly. The technician will bring the necessary tools and knowledge to find and address the necessary repairs.

Although a cooler outdoor temperature doesn’t constitute an emergency, a breakdown in your AC system when the daytime temperatures are still climbing into the upper end of the thermometer can be a cause for worry. For homeowners who plan ahead and schedule maintenance, an expensive equipment failure call is a less likely option.