Spring HVAC Tips On Preparing Your HVAC For Summer Operation

Almost everyone will be glad to know that it will not be long until the hot summer temperatures are upon us. The fact that it is getting near summer means that people are starting to look for spring HVAC tips for preparing your HVAC for summer operation. Maintaining a comfortable climate indoors is more than just a matter of convenience as it also has an element of safety especially when the temperature climbs into triple figures. Half of the energy consumption with in the home is usually attributed to the heating and cooling system.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Need To Be Inspected By A Professional

It can cost a lot of money to get an effective air conditioning system in place. Once you do, however, you can count on having a cool, comfortable indoor environment all throughout the year. If you're ready to start planning out your home maintenance schedule, you may be asking the question, "Why does my air conditioner need to be inspected by a professional?".

Experts Of AC Service In Mesa AZ Offering Rapid Top Notch Results For Offices

Offering a cooler climate in an office building in Arizona is essential. Clients enter an area and want to feel comfortable. This is difficult to accomplish without an ac unit during the warmer months. When you have a problem with the cooling system in your office building, there is an ac service in Mesa AZ that can assist you. They have an emergency number available when you need the service right away. The technicians respond to your call rapidly but also complete the work properly while not interrupting with the daily flow of clients.

There Is Something To Be Said About Honesty

There are many businesses that advertise their services for heating repair in Ahwatukee. That is expected and many do quality work and have a good reputation within the community. But when it comes to advertising, more than a few go over the top in advertising the customer’s need to buy their products or replace their existing heating system. This is not an issue of dishonesty as much as it is an issue of taking a close look at the companies whose reputation is built on reality rather than drama. To be fair, every customer’s perspective of what is an emergency and how cold they feel is going to be slightly different. Yet even in this context the problem may not be the heating system but have another reason. How many people have felt chilled and suspected that there is a problem with their heating system, only to find out they are catching a cold or some other type of bug! The answer? More than a few. The thermostat on the heating system is a key component and unless it is malfunctioning, is the best way to determine the actual temperature of the home. Homeowners need to depend on this number...

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Finding Heating Repair in Arizona

If you’re in need of heating repair services in Ahwatukee, or anyplace in the Valley of the Sun, you should consider Western States Home Services, not just for heating repair, but for all your home comfort system needs. In years past, an HVAC service company could get and keep a good customer base simply by showing up on time and doing good work for a reasonable price. Those days are long gone. Today’s customers simply expect more. In addition to expecting their chosen service provider to be available 24/7 for emergency calls, be licensed, bonded, and insured (and NATE certified), and offer warranties and guarantees on any and all work performed, and that’s just to be considered “in the game” at all, so to say times have changed would be an understatement. But it’s more than that. Increasingly, people are coming to understand that it’s not “just” about heating and air conditioning. What they want is a seamless, integrated home comfort system that incorporates heating, air conditioning, whole home dehumidification, auxiliary systems repair and maintenance (so, things like ductwork and smart thermostats, for example), and air quality. The good news here is that Western States can handle all of that...

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Swamp Coolers Vs. Air Conditioners

Swamp coolers are fairly popular across Tucson and Phoenix. If you don’t have a swamp cooler, you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about. Swamp coolers are great because they can cool your space for a minimal cost. During evaporative cooling, warm dry air is changed to cool moist air. When running a swamp cooler, windows on the opposite side of the house from where the cool room is entering the house have to be open to pull the cool air through your home. Depending on the layout of your home, it may be difficult to get all of the areas cool from a swamp cooler. As the summer temperatures climb and as humidity levels rise due to monsoon season, swamp coolers become useless. Air conditioners, on the other hand, function by cooling while removing humidity from the air. Air conditioners are typically more expensive to run, but they work no matter what time of year it is and cool the entire house evenly. When it comes to products and services for air conditioning Tucson Arizona locals trust the team at Western States Home Services. We have cooling products and services to meet all of your needs...

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Save Money on Cooling Costs with Vegetation

Arizona summers can be brutal, and most AZ residents will take all the help they can get when it comes to staying cool and saving money while doing so. To save money during the summer, your home should be well-insulated and you should have an energy efficient air conditioning system. Most homeowners overlook another major way to stay cool and save. By planting shade trees and other vegetation around your home in areas that will block sunlight, you will lower the temperature of your home and save money on cooling costs. Vegetation native to Arizona can withstand and even thrive in the high temps and long hours of sun, unlike most building materials and structures. Because of all of the concrete in town, there is a heat bubble around Phoenix and the surrounding cities. When you add vegetation, the entire area can begin to rebalance and become cooler like the surrounding desert naturally is. Western States Home Services is the leading choice for services for air conditioning Tempe AZ homeowners trust. Contact us today to learn more about our services and energy efficient options, products, and solutions for your home.

Maintenance Tips to Prolong the Life of Your AC System

At Western States Home Services, we specialize in Tucson HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement. One of the best tips we have to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and to keep it running is to have one of our AC professionals service your unit annually. Our annual service includes a cleaning of your unit to remove debris, a blowout of your condensate line to prevent clogs, and an inspection of all parts of your unit. In addition, we check and refill coolant fluids.  All of this helps prevent problems before they start and helps your unit run more efficiently. While annual maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep your AC in peak condition, there are also monthly and annual maintenance that most homeowners neglect that can be essential to keep your HVAC system working. If you follow this simple maintenance plan, we can help prolong the life of your AC unit. Buy a high efficiency pleated air filter. These are the best types of filter on the market, and they keep the most dirt from getting into your AC unit. Dirt can cause your unit to operate less efficiently or even stop working altogether. Keep your...

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Finding a Trustworthy Heating Company

When your furnace stops working properly, don’t be stuck with a cold house while you look around for a reputable heating and repair business. Do your homework now and find a professional heating and repair service that can repair or replace your heating system plus perform thorough furnace tune-ups. Here is what to look for: Professional technicians that are trained. A reliable and experienced heating company will train their employees to install and fix all makes and models of furnaces. Highly-trained techs can easily identify minor problems like a malfunctioning thermostat or an improperly sealed blower access door, and they can also repair complicated problems like a broken heat exchanger or control module. Maintenance checklists. Heating companies that are interested in helping you protect your furnace investment will offer preventative maintenance on any product. Sometimes known as furnace tune-ups, these appointments are made when your furnace is working properly and will include checking vents, connections, seals, and looking for cracks in the heat exchanger and belts, plus an inspection of safety controls, filters, air flow, and more. Guarantee. A reliable heating company that strives for excellent customer service will back up the work. During the appointment or quote process, ask...

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Are Annual Furnace Checkups Necessary?

If you’re wondering whether you should you have your furnace checked out once a year, the short answer is yes. Even if your heating system is fairly new, it’s a good idea to have routine maintenance performed and if your furnace is 10 years old or more, yearly maintenance is a must. Here’s why:  Most if not all furnace manufactures recommend yearly, professional maintenance on their products and some warranties even state that damage from improper maintenance will not be covered. It’s smart to protect your heating system investment with a yearly checkup that costs much less than a serious repair.  A professional technician can check and adjust components that most homeowners are not familiar with. For example, a good furnace checkup includes a blower wheel check and cleaning which requires the part to be uninstalled, cleared of debris, and reinstalled. Also, the blower motor needs to undergo an amp-draw test, which should be conducted by a professional.  Yearly inspections of the wiring, drainage system, blower access door, and the vent system are vital to the efficiency and longevity of your heating system. You’ll likely find that different heating companies offer a variety of checklists when performing annual maintenance. Western...

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