Increase the Efficiency of Your Valley Home’s Outer Envelope

Your home’s envelope is the outer aspects that encase your home. This includes exterior walls and doors, windows, and the roof. When the envelope is poorly insulated, your air conditioner will work much harder to cool your home. This is vital for Arizona residents as we rely heavily on our AC units for a large portion of the year. Consider these options to bring up the R-value of each aspect: Walls – Add rolled insulation or radiant barrier to your walls to block the outdoor temperatures. This will keep the desired temperatures inside, and the temperature from weather fluctuations out. There is foam you can have pumped into your walls that will also insulate. The added benefit of the foam is that it also blocks pests. Windows and doors – Make sure your windows are low-E and doors are a material like fiberglass that doesn’t transfer temperatures easily. Windows should be well-sealed with caulking and doors should be sealed tight with weatherstripping. Attic – Your attic should have a certain amount of insulation depending on the region you live in. Each part of the country has different R-values recommended and assigned to get the highest energy efficiency. Attic insulation options...

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5 Tips to Keeping Your Home AC Unit Running Efficiently in Chandler

While fall is approaching us, Chandler’s temperatures are still reaching triple digits! So, recommends you get an AC tune up. While our trained technicians will check everything to make sure your HVAC unit is summer-ready, there are a few steps you can take to keep your unit running at its best: Change your air filter every 30 to 60 days, depending on how often the system is in use. This is the equivalent of checking your car’s oil on a regular basis. Put in a new filter at the start of the summer, and at least once every one to two months after that. If you live in a windy area or you suffer from allergies, consider changing it more often. Keep the area around your AC unit clean. Remove debris like leaves from the area, and sweep up and remove other foreign objects that could impact its performance. Pay attention to your vents. Take a vacuum to indoor vents to keep them unblocked, and vacuum dust and other debris from indoor supply vents to help keep a steady flow of air from your system. Keep furniture, blinds, toys and litter boxes away from vents, to keep from blocking them....

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Save Energy This Summer with Aeroseal

If there’s one thing Arizona residents know, it’s that summertime energy bills are no joke. With daytime temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, many homeowners have simply accepted that their energy bills will double or triple from June through September. However, homeowners can rest easy knowing they can reduce their energy usage while cooling their home more efficiently with Aeroseal. What Is Aeroseal? Heated or cooled air is distributed throughout your home or business via ducts in your ceiling or walls. These passageways are vital to ensuring your home is efficiently cooled or heated to the temperature you specify on your thermostat. However, ducts can occasionally spring small leaks, resulting in the loss of cooled or heated air and more energy usage to make up for the deficit. With Aeroseal, your ducts can be sealed safely and properly without the sticky mess of pastes and tapes. Aeroseal is a completely non-toxic injectable particulate sealant that is light enough to be carried by your air conditioning unit’s current. How Does Aeroseal Work? Rather than slathering messy pastes over all your ductwork, Aeroseal takes the precision approach to tracking down air leaks. Your certified Aeroseal HVAC technician will block your home’s vents...

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Are Expensive AC Filters Worth It?

Your wallet is important to you. It’s what holds your future in it— your money. And that money should be spent as wisely as possible. You worked hard to get that cash, worked hard to be financially stable. So when you decide to buy something, you want to know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and there’s no time where that’s more important than when buying AC filters. Your AC unit is a huge part of your life, after all. It keeps you cool in the summer and makes sure your home is as comfortable as possible. At , we know that the decision about what to spend on filters is a tough one. You might feel that there’s no need to pay for more expensive filters but in reality, there’s every reason to spend that little bit extra for great quality. All air filters have a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating and the higher the rating, the more efficient your filters are. There’s bound to be dust, pollens and other irritants swirling around in your air conditioning unit so it’s highly important that you get a filter that catches them all. It might be tempting...

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How to Alleviate Allergies with Your HVAC Unit

If you have allergies, going outside can trigger a number of uncomfortable symptoms. Your home is supposed to be a reprieve from the dust and pollution of the outdoors. Unfortunately, indoor air quality can be just as poor as outside air quality. Here are a few ways to help alleviate allergies in your home with the help of your indoor heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Common Home Allergens Indoor air pollution is usually higher than that of the outdoors. There are a number of dirt and debris sources inside the home that can antagonize and worsen allergy symptoms. Some of the most common pollutants include: Pet dander from any four-legged friends within the home. Microscopic insects called dust mites feed on human skin flakes, but their waste and shell debris is particularly allergenic. Mold grows easily in damp areas of the home. The spores it releases can be spread through the ventilation system and cause serious health issues when inhaled. Pollen from indoor plants, as well as neighboring trees or bushes, can enter your home through windows or open doors. Smoke from cigarettes is one of the most poisonous indoor pollutants, but also the easiest to control. If...

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3 DIY Tips for Home HVAC Maintenance

While most professionals recommend you have your HVAC system inspected at least once per year, here are a few things you can do on your own to keep it working efficiently. Share this Image On Your Site. Copy and Paste the code below. Please include attribution to with this graphic. Contact Western States Home Services here.

Why You Should Hire a Certified Contractor

When you need a technician to fix your home’s heating or cooling system, you want to make sure you’re hiring someone who is both skilled and trustworthy. But with so many contractors and businesses available, how do you choose? Fortunately, organizations with the consumers’ best interests at heart have created certification exams to guarantee you receive quality service. Here are some of the most common certifications, and what they mean for you and your contractor. NATE Certification North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the leading certification program for technicians and professionals in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry. Entry-level certificates test the fundamental skills for those who have worked in the HVAC field for less than a year. After an individual has at least two years of experience they are permitted to take professional level certifications. These professional certifications cover installation and service techniques in a number of specialty areas, including: Air conditioning Air distribution Heat pumps Gas heating Oil heating Hydronics gas service Hydronics oil service Light commercial refrigeration service Commercial refrigeration service Technicians are permitted to take as many certification exams as they’d like, expanding their knowledge and skillset as needed, though each exam still requires having...

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Properly Sizing an AC Unit for Your Home

If you live in the Chandler, Arizona area, you know air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity. If you own an older home that needs a new HVAC unit, or are installing one for the first time in a new home, one thing you’ll need to know is what size unit you need. Buying an air conditioning unit should not be taken lightly, and purchasing one that is the wrong size can make your home’s temperature uncomfortable or cost you more than you bargained for on your home’s electricity bill. An HVAC unit that is not large enough will have to work overtime and likely won’t keep your home cool enough, and one that is too large will use up excessive energy without providing the consistent temperature you expect when you set your thermostat. Determining the proper size AC unit for your home is a task best left to a knowledgeable, experienced HVAC repair and installation specialist. One of the reasons your choice of air conditioning specialist is so important is their ability to properly design a system, an important factor of which is the size and strength of the A/C unit itself. Calculate Your Home’s Square Footage...

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Average Monthly Temperatures in Chandler AZ

There are many great reasons to live in Chandler Arizona area. The only real downside can be the hot summers to which your family is subjected every year. With the average high temperature above 100° for three straight months, it’s no surprise reliable air conditioning in Chandler is a necessity. The experts at Western States Home Services specialize in A/C repair, installation and 24/7 emergency service, and are dedicated to ensuring you can enjoy all the benefits of Chandler in year-round comfort. Contact us today at (520) 447-3626 to schedule a maintenance appointment or for any repairs or replacement needs. Wondering what size AC unit you need? Please read properly sizing an AC unit for your home.

Reliable Emergency Air Conditioning Service In Mesa AZ

Many people who have lived in the colder climates of the northern states eventually crave to move someplace warmer. The drier air and warming sunshine of Arizona are very attractive incentives for those individuals to follow that particular urge. These conditions, however, can be a bit taxing, so anyone living in this zone should be prepared to contact a quality emergency air conditioning service in Mesa AZ.